Fast Facts
Complete integration into your patient database system.
On demand printing lets you worry about patient care instead of form management.
Form updates happen lightening fast with our top-notch art department.
Possibility to store digital images of processed forms.
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Webformex is an on-line ordering system for forms and supplies. However, the application offers much more than a traditional on-line ordering feature. The three basic fulfillment components of Webformex are:

  1. Basic on-line order placement - users can transmit an order for delivery, i.e. a package of forms, a box of copy paper, etc.
  2. On-site Printing - users have the ability to print single copies of certain forms on-site, to their local digital copier or laser printer
  3. Dynamic Labeling - users can first interject variable demographic information onto a particular form and then print copies on-site. For instance, a client name and address, a patient's demographic information, a specific list of account features, etc.


Webformex offers many other features such as on-line packets, a series of user-defined forms that are "stitched" together to create a packet for a particular use. Multi-Form Stamping (MFS) is a feature of Webformex that allows users to label multiple copies of a particular form or packet for multiple clients or patients at one time. Users are able to search for items they need in multiple ways; by item number, keyword or department. On-line usage reports and a user-specific electronic file folder of outstanding orders called My Account is offered. There is a comprehensive Help section which contains a complete user's manual as well as help on commonly asked questions.


The application contains a Customer Support messaging center and the ability for users to control their own passwords.


As a side-bar to the Webformex application, users also have access to Rapid Print - a feature designed for users to attach files and send to the Voluforms print center for production. This application is perfect for large copy or print jobs that do not fit the description of a traditional form; items such as meeting minutes, internal booklets, large mailings, etc.


Webformex offers even more features than the basic three functions listed above. Users must be set up specifically to access these specialized features:

  1. Scanning- allows users to scan and capture information from documents that clients or patients bring with them (such as Driver's License, Insurance Cards, History and Physical forms, etc.) and send the images, appropriately labeled with client or patient identification information directly to electronic storage.
  2. Interactive Forms or i-forms - are true, on-line forms that can be completed on screen electronically and then COLD fed directly to electronic storage. Signatures can even be captured on i-forms. As with Scanning, the images are automatically identified with patient or client information and customer defined ID numbers.