Fast Facts
We offer 2 customizable versions of on-line ordering systems:  Webformex and Manager.
Webformex, while appropriate for all customers, is especially well-suited for the healthcare industry.  Tell me more!
Manager is a more generalized system that provides on-line ordering, inventory checks and order history reviews.
A tireless support staff is always just a phone call away.
Call us at: 812-283-0455

Online Ordering Programs

Voluforms offers customized, web-based ordering systems for forms, supplies and logo wear featuring:

  1. On-line management approval with modification abilities, including line item veto, prior to shipment of cost center requisitions.
  2. Real time inventory access to review inventory levels on hand, back ordered items and cost center releases
  3. Shopping cart features.
  4. On-line, print on demand services.
  5. Ability to accept on-line submission of art files.
  6. Stockless office supply distribution program with over 25,000 items available.
  7. Electronic categorization of available items with extensive search functions.
  8. Comprehensive training and literature.