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Lily the Therapy Dog

My name is Lily and I am a Canine Partner for Independence, trained to help benefit the lives of people with physical disabilities and cognitive disabilities. I work at Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital. My purpose is to assist people with physical and cognitive disabilities regain independence. Often times people will do things for me, like tell me to “sit”, “shake” or will brush my coat, before they may do something for their therapist. Interacting with me does not feel like therapy. Sometimes I just offer my paw in support of their efforts. Unconditional love and support is sometimes all that is needed for people to progress. Fortunately for me, I love all the attention I get from the people I interact with. I get as much reward from working with patients as the patients get from working with me. I look forward to going to work every day.

Voluforms is proud to partner with SIRH to provide free and low cost t-shirts that are sold to raise funds for Lily’s upkeep (food, boarding, training, grooming).

"We cannot thank Voluforms enough for their efforts and support in assisting us launch our 4 Paws of Love program. This animal assisted program has become a tremendous adjunct for our patients’ treatment. Lily is now our most popular team member! Your talented team helped us design and acquire t-shirts, business cards and 'stuffed' Lily dogs. Your pricing and service delivery are excellent. Thank you again!" ~ Linda Moore

You can learn more about Lily at, or visit her Face Book page at Lily Strickler.